Antarctica! Live The first ever book launch live from Antarctica online event Tuesday, 18 October 2022.

Author Lily Simonson spent three months as an artist-in-residence (through the NSF-funded program, Antarctica Artists and Writers Program, at a scientific research station in Antarctica. Drawing upon her extraordinary experiences there–from scuba diving beneath the world’s largest expanse of sea ice to living in a tent atop an active volcano–she brings the stark continent to life in her debut children’s book, Antarctica!

Dr. Andrew Thurber, whose scientific research inspired the story, will be Zooming live, underwater, beneath the sea ice in Antarctica!

The presentation will be approximately 20-minutes, followed by a Q&A from questions submitted by students in advance.

Once registered for the FREE event, a Zoom invite and link will be sent to the provided email address. We look forward to seeing you and your class in Antarctica on October 18th!

Image announcing the Antarctica Live event and book launch on 18 October 2022.