APECS (Association of Early Career Polar Scientists) International Polar Week is coming! This week-long event is a celebration for everyone who has an interest in the coldest regions of our planet including a diverse and vibrant international community of students, researchers, teachers, artists, and members of Indigenous nations. This year it will be held on 20–26 March 2022. We hope that you can join in the fun!

The main goal of this event is to engage the global polar studies community to share knowledge, experience, and fun from different perspectives. APECS continues this great tradition through diverse activities such as photo contests, interviews with polar artists, researchers, and educators, participation in virtual polar games, the APECS podcast, and many more all around the world, thanks to their National Committees.

Visit this APECS webpage to learn more about the upcoming activities to celebrate the Poles with others around the world.

Image created by artist showing the dates of International Polar Week, 20-26 March 2022.