The Inspiring Girls* Expedition program seeks 16 and 17-year-old girls for tuition-free mini-research expeditions to study at the elbows of glaciologists, oceanographers, artists, and other professionals. Girls on Ice is the original expedition where girls study glaciers, volcanoes, and the alpine environment. We also now have Girls in Icy Fjords, Girls on Rock, Girls on Water, Girls in the Forest.

Applications must be started by January 22, 2021. Please visit the website for details on eligibility and selection criteria. Inspiring Girl expeditions are tuition-free, wilderness science expeditions that offer a powerful opportunity for young women from all social and economic backgrounds to build their creativity, curiosity, courage, and confidence; students' grades are not considered in their selection process.

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Funded by NSF, NASA, Alaska CASC, and donations from generous people like you!

*Inspiring Girls maintains an inclusive, gender-expansive acceptance policy. See our website for more information.

Inspiring Girls Expedition photo