Teachers and students are invited for one last hurrah with Reach the World and MOSAiC.

The MOSAiC (Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate) Expedition of 2019-2020 was one of the most extensive Arctic research expeditions ever conducted, involving hundreds of people from 20 nations. In October 2019, the research icebreaker Polarstern was intentionally frozen into the Arctic sea ice and drifted almost continuously across the Arctic for the next year, allowing scientists to study all aspects of the Arctic climate system for a full seasonal cycle. Throughout that time, we connected teachers and students around the country with 16 different MOSAiC scientists and team members through the Reach the World MOSAiC virtual exchange program.

Join them on January 21st for a virtual Reach the World MOSAiC program finale!

When: Thursday, January 21st at 1:00 pm ET
Where: A private Zoom room (Reach the World will send registrants a link - see below)
What: This 30-minute MOSAiC program finale will include:

  • Exclusive sneak peek at the forthcoming MOSAiC expedition documentary
  • Interactive presentation from wildlife conservation storyteller and MOSAiC filmmaker/photographer Lianna Nixon about "Documenting the MOSAiC Expedition"
  • Surprise appearances from your favorite MOSAiC expedition team members
  • Final questions, answers, reflections, and good-byes

How to Participate
Register for the celebration by emailing chris [at] If you and your students like, you can also record a brief "thank you" message at this link for MOSAiC team members that will be played during the live event!

The MOSAiC education & outreach team looks forward to celebrating with you!

For information about PolarTREC educator Katie Gavenus' experiences on the MOSAiC expedition, visit

The Polarstern. Photo courtesy Lianna Nixon, 2020 (CIRES and AWI).