The international polar community will celebrate Antarctica Day on the 1st of December to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty. There are many ways to celebrate this year to learn more about this amazing continent and the research being performed there, and the scientists who conduct it.

For more information regarding these events, please contact the event organizers directly through the links provided.

International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration

The International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration is holding an Antarctic Week Festival from 30 November to 4 December. Students and the public will have a unique opportunity to listen to those working on the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration and ask questions. Each day, there will be a talk about what it's like to live and work in Antarctica. The talks are 30 minutes long, followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers. These webinars are hosted by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and will be recorded and posted on the website.

The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) has invited everyone to join them in celebrating Antarctica Day. Learn more about each of their events and register for their online videos on the APECS website.


  • For those who want to learn more about Antarctica but are teaching virtually, check out the YouTube series called, Tiny Ice: Bits from Antarctica that highlight the travel, science, and life at the South Pole, created by Jocelyn Argueta. The videos have been created in both English and Spanish.

  • You can also view PolarConnect Archives of live Antarctica Day events with PolarTREC educators who were in Antarctica on December 1st in previous years.

  • For more resources specifically on Antarctica, please visit the PolarTREC Resources section and type Antarctica in the search box.

Antarctica Day