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First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Jennifer Fisher Antarctic Seafloor Ecology Researcher Oregon State University View Profile
Ben Fitzhugh Kuril Islands Biocomplexity, Kuril Islands Biocomplexity 08 Researcher University of Washington View Profile
Peggy Foletta Alaska Climate Variation Teacher Kingsburg High School View Profile
Christine Foreman Dissolved Organic Matter in Antarctica Researcher Montana State University View Profile
Cheryl Forster High Arctic Change 2010 Teacher West High School View Profile
Elliot Friedman Microbial Activity in Thawing Arctic Permafrost Researcher Cornell University View Profile
Marc Frischer Nitrogen in the Arctic Ocean Ecosystem Professor Skidaway Inst of Oceanography View Profile
Dan Frost High Arctic Change 2012 Teacher Carrabassett Valley Academy View Profile
Obed Fulcar Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory 2013 Teacher Maria Teresa Mirabal Middle School View Profile
Tom Gaisser IceCube In-Ice Antarctic Telescope Researcher University of Delaware View Profile
Cristina Galvan Polar Bear Response to Sea Ice Loss Teacher Impact Academy of Arts and Technology View Profile
Yongli Gao Seasonal Sea Ice Production in the Ross Sea Researcher University of Texas San Antonio View Profile
Lollie Garay Nitrogen in the Arctic Ocean Ecosystem, Oden Antarctic Expedition 07 Teacher Redd School View Profile
Anne Garland Historical Ecology for Risk Management, Historical Ecology for Risk Management 2014 Researcher Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit, Inc. View Profile
Katie Gavenus MOSAiC Environmental Educator Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies View Profile
Cathleen Geiger SEDNA Beaufort Sea Ice Researcher University of Delaware View Profile
Andrew Gerrard Space Weather Monitoring on the Antarctic Plateau Researcher New Jersey Institute of Technology View Profile
Helen Gibbons International Continental Shelf Survey Researcher U.S. Geological Service View Profile
Alicia Gillean Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies Teacher Jenks West Intermediate School View Profile
Brandon Gillette Antarctic Ice Sheet Studies, Flow Studies on an Antarctic Glacier Teacher University of Kansas and the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) View Profile
Sarah Godsey Nutrient Transport in Arctic Watersheds Researcher Idaho State University View Profile
Anne Gold MOSAiC Director, Education and Outreach Program CIRES View Profile
Mark Goldner High Arctic Change 2011 Teacher Heath K-8 Elementary School View Profile
Mike Gooseff Dry Valleys Ecosystem Study Researcher University of Colorado, Boulder View Profile
Wendy Gorton Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska 2012 Teacher The Equity Project Charter School View Profile