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First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Natalya Sousa Historical Ecology for Risk Management Researcher Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit, Inc. View Profile
Ronnie Owens Web Guy ARCUS View Profile
Andre Wille Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies 2014 Teacher Aspen High School View Profile
Mike Retelle Climate Change Svalbard, High Arctic Change 08, High Arctic Change 2012 Researcher Bates College View Profile
Ann Linsley Human Impacts in Antarctica Teacher Bellaire High School View Profile
Tom Lane Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra 2013 Teacher Bellows Free Academy View Profile
Dave Jones CO2 and pH Studies of the Arctic Ocean Teacher Big Sky High School View Profile
Craig Beals Greenland Atmospheric Studies Teacher Billings Senior High View Profile
Nell Herrmann Seafloor Organisms and Changing Ocean Conditions in Antarctic Teacher Blue Hill Consolidated School View Profile
Sarah Anderson SIMBA Antarctic Sea Ice Teacher Boerne High School View Profile
Lenore Teevan Jellyfish in the Bering Sea Teacher Booker T. Washington High School View Profile
Robyn Sweet Bering Ecosystem Study Earth/Life Science Coordinator Boonshoft Museum of Discovery View Profile
Sean Mackay Ancient Buried Ice in Antarctica Researcher Boston University View Profile
Dave Marchant Ancient Buried Ice in Antarctica Researcher Boston University View Profile
Byron Adams Tough Tardigrades, Dry Valleys Ecosystem Study Researcher Brigham Young University View Profile
Sandra Thornton Chukchi Sea Borderland Teacher Broadwater Academy View Profile
Andrea Skloss Chukchi Sea Ecosystem Study Teacher Brundrett Middle School View Profile
William Hedman Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska, Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska 2011 Researcher Bureau of Land Management View Profile
Bettina Sander Antarctic Seafloor Ecology Teacher Cabrillo College View Profile
Dominique Richardson Antarctic Ice Stream Dynamics Teacher Cabrillo Marine Aquarium View Profile
Melissa Voisinet Weddell Seals: Growing Up on Ice Researcher California State Polytechnic University View Profile
Casey O’Hara IceCube In-Ice Antarctic Telescope Teacher Carlmont High School View Profile
Dan Frost High Arctic Change 2012 Teacher Carrabassett Valley Academy View Profile
Bill Schmoker International Continental Shelf Survey, US Arctic GEOTRACES Teacher Centennial Middle School View Profile
Katie Gavenus MOSAiC Program Director Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies View Profile