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Ted Raab's picture
Ted Raab Microbial Activity in Thawing Arctic Permafrost Stanford University Researcher View Profile
Eva Hulse's picture
Eva Hulse Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change 2010 Department of Anthropology, University at Buffalo - SUNY Researcher View Profile
Bob Hollister's picture
Bob Hollister Tundra Plants in a Changing Climate Grand Valley State University Researcher View Profile
David Shull's picture
David Shull Bering Sea Benthic Studies University of Washington Researcher View Profile
Greg Korosec's picture
Greg Korosec Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change, Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change 2010 State University of New York at Buffalo Researcher View Profile
Rachel Orben's picture
Rachael Orben Seabird Ecology in the Bering Sea University of California Santa Cruz Researcher View Profile
Michael DuVernois's picture
Michael Duvernois IceCube and the Askaryan Radio Array University of Wisconsin-Madison Researcher View Profile
Carol Costanza's picture
Carol Costanza Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations Antarctic Meteorological Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Researcher View Profile
Annamarie Pasqualone's picture
Annamarie Pasqualone Adaptations of Marine Worms in Antarctica University of Delaware Researcher View Profile
Paul Dayton's picture
Paul Dayton Antarctic Seafloor Ecology Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Researcher View Profile
Peter Doran's picture
Peter Doran Lake Ecosystems in Antarctica University of Illinois at Chicago Researcher View Profile
Mike Retelle's picture
Mike Retelle Climate Change Svalbard, High Arctic Change 08, High Arctic Change 2012 Bates College Researcher View Profile
Henry Harlow's picture
Henry Harlow Polar Bear Response to Sea Ice Loss University of Wyoming Researcher View Profile
Mike Loranty's picture
Mike Loranty Vegetation Impacts on Permafrost Colgate University Researcher View Profile
Michael Bergin's picture
Michael Bergin Atmospheric Conditions and Arctic Climate Georgia Institute of Technology Researcher View Profile
Jonathan Childs's picture
Jonathan Childs International Continental Shelf Survey U.S. Geological Survey Researcher View Profile
Ken Taylor's picture
Ken Taylor Ice Core Drilling in West Antarctica Desert Research Institute Researcher View Profile
April Gossman's picture
April Gossman Human Impacts in Antarctica Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Researcher View Profile
Je’aime Powell's picture
Je’aime Powell Elizabeth City State University Researcher View Profile
Jonathan Thom's picture
Jonathan Thom Antarctic Weather Stations University of Wisconsin Researcher View Profile
Diane McKnight's picture
Diane McKnight Dissolved Organic Matter in Antarctica Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research Researcher View Profile
Julie Brigham-Grette's picture
Julie Brigham-Grette Geologic Climate Research in Siberia, High Arctic Change 09, High Arctic Change 2011, High Arctic Change 2014 University of Massachusetts Researcher View Profile
Lynn Kaluzienski's picture
Lynn Kaluzienski Ice Shelf Flow and Fracture Dynamics University of Maine Researcher View Profile
Steve Okkonen's picture
Steve Okkonen Oceanographic Conditions of Bowhead Whale Habitat 2014, Oceanographic Conditions of Bowhead Whale Habitat University of Alaska Fairbanks Researcher View Profile
Sarah Godsey's picture
Sarah Godsey Nutrient Transport in Arctic Watersheds Idaho State University Researcher View Profile
Charles Amsler's picture
Charles Amsler Seafloor Organisms and Changing Ocean Conditions in Antarctic, Chemical Ecology of Shallow Water Marine Communities University of Alabama at Birmingham Researcher View Profile
Gordon Hamilton's picture
Gordon Hamilton Flow Studies on an Antarctic Glacier, Ice Shelf Flow and Fracture Dynamics University of Maine, Dept. of Earth Sciences and the Climate Change Institute Researcher View Profile
Lucas Zoet's picture
Lucas Zoet Sliding Glaciers University of Wisconsin-Madison Researcher View Profile
Anne Garland's picture
Anne Garland Historical Ecology for Risk Management, Historical Ecology for Risk Management 2014 Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit, Inc. Researcher View Profile
Eileen Hofmann's picture
Eileen Hofmann Weddell Seals in the Ross Sea Old Dominion University Researcher View Profile
Jim Swift's picture
Jim Swift Seawater Property Changes in the Southern Ocean Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego Researcher View Profile
Konrad Steffen's picture
Konrad Steffen Solar Radiation on the Greenland Icesheet 2011 CIRES, University of Colorado Researcher View Profile
Syndonia Bret-Harte's picture
Syndonia Bret-Harte Changing Tundra Landscapes, Shrubs Snow and Nitrogen in the Arctic University of Alaska Fairbanks Researcher View Profile
Mary Albert's picture
Mary Albert Greenland Snow Studies Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory Researcher View Profile
Darrell Kauffman's picture
Darrell Kauffman Alaska Climate Variation, Alaska Climate Variation 09 Northern Arizona University Researcher View Profile