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First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Casey O’Hara IceCube In-Ice Antarctic Telescope Teacher Carlmont High School View Profile
Dan Frost High Arctic Change 2012 Teacher Carrabassett Valley Academy View Profile
Bill Schmoker International Continental Shelf Survey, US Arctic GEOTRACES Teacher Centennial Middle School View Profile
Katie Gavenus MOSAiC Environmental Educator Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies View Profile
Cheri Hamilton CReSIS Greenland Ice Sheet Studies K-12 Science Coordinator Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) View Profile
Craig Kasemodel Bering Ecosystem Change Teacher Central Middle School of Science View Profile
Ian Buvit Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska 2011, Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska 2012 Researcher Central Washington University View Profile
Missy Holzer High Arctic Change 08 Teacher Chatham High School View Profile
Stanley Skotnicki Vegetation Impacts on Permafrost Teacher Cheektowaga Central Middle School View Profile
Thomas Harten Seabird Ecology in the Bering Sea Teacher CHESPAX, Calvert County Public Schools View Profile
Frank Kelley Nuvuk Archaeology Studies Teacher Chester-Andover Elementary School View Profile
Mary Anne Pella-Donnelly Greenland Seabird Ecology Teacher Chico Junior High School View Profile
Anne Gold MOSAiC Director, Education and Outreach Program CIRES View Profile
Konrad Steffen Solar Radiation on the Greenland Icesheet 2011 Researcher CIRES, University of Colorado View Profile
Jim Miller Microbial Activity in Thawing Arctic Permafrost Teacher Cleveland Heights High School View Profile
Ruth Rodriguez Research Opportunities in the Arctic for Minorities Teacher Clint ISD Early College Academy View Profile
Nick LaFave Predatory Spiders in the Arctic Food Web Teacher Clover High School View Profile
Mary Albert Greenland Snow Studies Researcher Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory View Profile
Amy Leventer Totten Glacier System in East Antarctica Researcher Colgate University View Profile
Mike Loranty Vegetation Impacts on Permafrost Researcher Colgate University View Profile
Ray Sambrotto Bering Ecosystem Study, Bering Ecosystem Study 08, Summer Ice Free Conditions Researcher Columbia University View Profile
Lars Angenent Microbial Activity in Thawing Arctic Permafrost Researcher Cornell University View Profile
Elliot Friedman Microbial Activity in Thawing Arctic Permafrost Researcher Cornell University View Profile
Michele Cross Antarctic Undersea ROV 09 Teacher Corning East High School View Profile
Emily Dodson Climate Change and Pollinators in the Arctic Teacher Crawford Middle School View Profile