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Member First Name Last Name Expeditions Organization Occupation Profile
Dena Rosenberger's picture
Dena Rosenberger Teacher View Profile
Emily S. Davenport's picture
Emily Davenport View Profile
Craig Clements's picture
Craig Clements View Profile
Eric Muhs's picture
Eric Muhs IceCube and The Askaryan Radio Array 2019 Teacher View Profile
Yamini Bala's picture
Yamini Bala West Antarctic Ice Sheet Microstructures Teacher View Profile
Laura Lukes's picture
Laura Lukes Greenland Education Tour 2011 Einstein Fellow View Profile
Miriam Agler-Rosenbaum's picture
Miriam Agler-Rosenbaum Researcher View Profile
Susan Kelly's picture
Susan Kelly Researcher View Profile
Michelle Brown's picture
Michelle Brown Human Impacts in Antarctica 2011, Space Weather Monitoring on the Antarctic Plateau, Human Impacts in Antarctica 2015 Teacher View Profile
Sarah Diers's picture
Sarah Diers Dissolved Organic Matter in Antarctica Teacher View Profile
Patty Janes's picture
Patty Janes View Profile
Bruce Sidell's picture
Bruce Sidell Biology of Antarctic Fishes Researcher View Profile
Jennifer Thompson's picture
Jennifer Thompson Greenland Education Tour 09 NSF Einstein Fellow View Profile
Heather Liwanag's picture
Heather Liwanag Weddell Seals: Growing Up on Ice California Polytechnic State University Researcher View Profile
Alexander Kitaysky's picture
Alexander (Shasha) Kitaysky Migration and Carry-Over Effects in Arctic Seabirds University of Alaska Fairbanks Researcher View Profile
Svea Anderson's picture
Svea Anderson Shrubs Snow and Nitrogen in the Arctic Agua Caliente Elementary School Educator View Profile
Ward Testa's picture
Ward Testa Weddell Seals in the Ross Sea 2014 Alaska Ecosystem Program, National Marine Mammal Laboratory Researcher View Profile
Ann Harding's picture
Ann Harding Greenland Seabird Ecology Alaska Pacific University Researcher View Profile
Karen Temple-Beamish's picture
Karen Temple- Beamish Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra 2016 Albuquerque Academy Teacher View Profile
Melissa Barker's picture
Melissa Barker Nutrient Transport in Arctic Watersheds Alexander Dawson School Teacher View Profile
Justin Kendhammer's picture
Justin Kendhammer Soil Ecology in Antarctic Dry Valleys Alpine Leadership Academy Teacher View Profile
Kevin Dickerson's picture
Kevin Dickerson Dry Valleys Ecosystem Study American Fork Junior High School Educator View Profile
Carol Costanza's picture
Carol Costanza Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations Antarctic Meteorological Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Researcher View Profile
Kathleen Fischer's picture
Kathleen Fischer Historical Ecology for Risk Management 2014 Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit, Inc. Treasurer View Profile
Anne Garland's picture
Anne Garland Historical Ecology for Risk Management, Historical Ecology for Risk Management 2014 Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit, Inc. Researcher View Profile
Natalya Sousa's picture
Natalya Sousa Historical Ecology for Risk Management Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit, Inc. Researcher View Profile
Andre Wille's picture
Andre Wille Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies 2014 Aspen High School Teacher View Profile
Mike Retelle's picture
Mike Retelle Climate Change Svalbard, High Arctic Change 08, High Arctic Change 2012 Bates College Researcher View Profile
Ann Linsley's picture
Ann Linsley Human Impacts in Antarctica Bellaire High School Teacher View Profile
Tom Lane's picture
Tom Lane Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra 2013 Bellows Free Academy Teacher View Profile
Dave Jones's picture
Dave Jones CO2 and pH Studies of the Arctic Ocean Big Sky High School Teacher View Profile
Craig Beals's picture
Craig Beals Greenland Atmospheric Studies Billings Senior High Teacher View Profile
Nell Herrmann's picture
Nell Herrmann Seafloor Organisms and Changing Ocean Conditions in Antarctic Blue Hill Consolidated School Teacher View Profile
Sarah Anderson's picture
Sarah Anderson SIMBA Antarctic Sea Ice Boerne High School Teacher View Profile
Lenore Teevan's picture
Lenore Teevan Jellyfish in the Bering Sea Booker T. Washington High School Teacher View Profile