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First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Emily Davenport View Profile
Patty Janes View Profile
Pamela Peters Education, Knowledge, and the Narwhal View Profile
Craig Clements View Profile
Delia Tosi IceCube and The Askaryan Radio Array 2019 Assistant Scientist University of Wisconsin-Madison View Profile
Jacquelyn Hams Ancient Buried Ice in Antarctica, Buried Ice in Antarctica 2012 Associate Professor Los Angeles Valley College View Profile
Allan Miller Oden Antarctic Expedition 06 CoPrincipal Shelburne Community School View Profile
Anne Gold MOSAiC Director, Education and Outreach Program CIRES View Profile
Robyn Sweet Bering Ecosystem Study Earth/Life Science Coordinator Boonshoft Museum of Discovery View Profile
Elaine Krebs IceCube and The Askaryan Radio Array 2021 Educator California Science Center View Profile
Melissa Lau Phenology and Vegetation Change in the Warming Arctic Educator Piedmont Intermediate View Profile
Kate Steeper Shrubs Snow and Nitrogen in the Arctic 2019 Educator Lennox Academy View Profile
Bill Henske Dry Valleys Ecosystem Study 2021 Educator Maplewood-Richmond Heights Middle School View Profile
Joanna Chierici Jellyfish in the Bering Sea 2018 Educator Melvin H. Kreps Middle School View Profile
Monica Nunez UTEP Arctic Change and Education Educator Santa Teresa High School View Profile
Tammy Orilio Thermal Sensitivity of Embryos and Larvae of Antarctic Marine Ectotherms 2021 Educator Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School View Profile
Kasper Busk Greenland Education Tour 2012 Educator Kangerlussuaq Science Field School View Profile
Wendi Pillars Migration and Carry-Over Effects in Arctic Seabirds Educator Jordan-Matthews HS View Profile
Piper Bartlett-Browne Northern Chukchi Integrated Study Educator St. Thomas Aquinas High School View Profile
Denise Hardoy Antarctic Fish Development Under Future Ocean Conditions Educator San Antonio Elementary School View Profile
Cassie Kautzer Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations 2021 Educator Hellstern Middle School View Profile
Svea Anderson Shrubs Snow and Nitrogen in the Arctic Educator Agua Caliente Elementary School View Profile
Amy Osborne Thermal Sensitivity of Embryos and Larvae of Antarctic Marine Ectotherms Educator NatureBridge View Profile
Lauren Neitzke Adamo Sliding Glaciers Educator Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey View Profile
Sarah Slack Thwaites Offshore Research Educator JHS 223 - The Montauk School View Profile