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Member First Name Last Name Expeditions Organization Occupation Profile
Michelle Mack's picture
Michelle Mack Deep Roots Northern Arizona University Researcher View Profile
Sean Mackay's picture
Sean Mackay Ancient Buried Ice in Antarctica Boston University Researcher View Profile
Tyler Mackey's picture
Tyler Mackey Microbialites In Lake Joyce Antarctica University of California, Davis Senior Graduate Student View Profile
Jim Madsen's picture
Jim Madsen IceCube In-Ice Antarctic Telescope, IceCube In-ice Antarctic Telescope 2010, IceCube In Ice Antarctic Telescope 2012, Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory 2013, Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory 2014, CosRay Neutron Monitors, Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory 2016, Antarctic Neutron Monitors For Solar Study, IceCube and the Askaryan Radio Array University of Wisconsin River Falls Researcher View Profile
Paul Mahacek's picture
Paul Mahacek Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Researcher View Profile
Luke Maillefer's picture
Luke Maillefer Joint Antarctic School Expedition 2014 Monona Grove High School Student View Profile
Dave Marchant's picture
Dave Marchant Ancient Buried Ice in Antarctica Boston University Researcher View Profile
Adam Marsh's picture
Adam Marsh Adaptations of Marine Worms in Antarctica University of Delaware Researcher View Profile
Tim Martin's picture
Tim Martin Geologic Climate Research in Siberia Greensboro Day School Teacher View Profile
Alejandra Martinez's picture
Alejandra Martinez Phenology and Vegetation in the Warming Arctic 2019 Memorial Junior High Educator View Profile
Marguerite Mauritz's picture
Marguerite Mauritz Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra 2016 Northern Arizona University Researcher View Profile
Jeremy May's picture
Jeremy May Phenology and Vegetation Change in the Warming Arctic, Phenology and Vegetation in the Warming Arctic 2019 Florida International University Researcher View Profile
Kelly McCarthy's picture
Kelly McCarthy Operation IceBridge Arctic Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School Teacher View Profile
James McClelland's picture
James McClelland Northern Alaska Coastal Ecosystems University of Texas Marine Science Institute Researcher View Profile
James McClintock's picture
James McClintock University of Alabama at Birmingham Researcher View Profile
Ivy McDaniel's picture
Ivy McDaniel Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions 2016 Golder College Prep Teacher View Profile
Mark McKay's picture
Mark McKay Summer Ice Free Conditions Venture Academy/Delta VISTA Teacher View Profile
Diane McKnight's picture
Diane McKnight Dissolved Organic Matter in Antarctica Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research Researcher View Profile
Kevin McMahon's picture
Kevin McMahon Atmospheric Conditions and Arctic Climate Renfroe Middle School Teacher View Profile
Peggy McNeal's picture
Peggy McNeal High Arctic Change 2014 Los Coches Creek Middle School Teacher View Profile
Martin Melles's picture
Martin Melles Geologic Climate Research in Siberia University of Cologne Researcher View Profile
Robert Melville's picture
Robert Melville Space Weather Monitoring on the Antarctic Plateau New Jersey Institute of Technology Researcher View Profile
Kimberley Miller's picture
Kimberley Miller Arctic Wetland Dynamics in Finland San Diego State University Researcher View Profile
Allan Miller's picture
Allan Miller Oden Antarctic Expedition 06 Shelburne Community School CoPrincipal View Profile
Kate Miller's picture
Kate Miller Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory 2016 Washington-Lee High School Teacher View Profile
Rebecca Miller's picture
Rebecca Miller Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change 2010 Department of Anthropology, University at Buffalo - SUNY Researcher View Profile
Jim Miller's picture
Jim Miller Microbial Activity in Thawing Arctic Permafrost Cleveland Heights High School Teacher View Profile
Pavel Minyuk's picture
Pavel Minyuk Geologic Climate Research in Siberia Northeast Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Institute Researcher View Profile
Matt Moore's picture
Matt Moore Climate Change Svalbard Kents Hill School Teacher View Profile
John Moore's picture
John Moore Changing Tundra Landscapes Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory Researcher View Profile
Amy Moran's picture
Amy Moran Polar Gigantism in Antarctica, Thermal Sensitivity of Embryos and Larvae of Antarctic Marine Ectotherms University of Hawaii Researcher View Profile
Eric Muhs's picture
Eric Muhs IceCube and The Askaryan Radio Array 2019 Teacher View Profile