Hi Ken, I would like to thank you for your amazing photos, video footage, and journal entries which allowed me to follow the progress of the Team. My son David has been on the journey with you and during his past expeditions with Seth and other scientists my only contact has been his occasional SAT phone calls. It was wonderful to get all your updates and to have the opportunity to follow the Team's progress. What a wonderful opportunity for your class/school as well! I wish you were continuing on to Mt Hunter but hopefully Seth will relay information about the Team's progress. Again many thanks from back in the Boston area.! Judy Silverstone

Ken Williams

Hi Judy,What a pleasure it was to meet your son Dave. We shared many laughs and I was impressed by his work ethic and willingness to chip in and help the second oldest guy on the trip...me.
When I was saying my goodbyes he even let me know that t this point in his life I was his favorite middle school teacher. It was the perfect send off.
I am so glad that the Journals were valuable and the plan for sure is to have Seth continue from Mount Hunter. Although I spent nearly 3 weeks with the group and had many conversations with Mike, the driller, I have no idea what his set-up involves, so I hope Seth can successfully keep it going. I have a few more Journals planned as well, so please keep on reading and again, thanks for keeping in touch.
Take care,

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