Hey Mr. Will,

We miss having you here at school, we can't wait for you to get back. Thomas still thinks you'll get abducted by a yeti :p ... Thomas, David, Cody, and Jules were throwing erasers at each other in science class, for once it wasn't Ashley, Ben, and I. Our softball team has won 2 games and lost 3. The baseball team has lost 5 and won 1 of them. Anyway, we were wondering how many ice cores you've collected throughout the whole trip? Please write back as soon as you can, we would love to hear from you.

With lots of excitement,

Brianna & Ashley!! :)

Ken Williams

Hey Ashley and Brianna,I was not able to see the drilling, but Seth is going to keep up the Journaling and pictures from the drill site. I was part of the acclimatization climb and will be putting up a Journal about the need for acclimatization in a day or so.
See you back at school,
Mr. Will

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