Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 05/17/2013 - 10:36

Hi Mr. Will,

Do you or your team ever worry about falling rocks when you're at a base camp? Our class watched a documentary and the video said that sometimes you have to worry about falling rocks, such as granite. If you do have to worry about it, how do you feel about having to constantly worry about a rock crashing down on you?

Hope you're having a good time, we miss you!
Your student,
Lexi Hartford

Ken Williams

Hey Lexi,Great question. We didn't worry about falling rocks at base camp, but you had to know about avalanches. There really wasn't any danger based on where we were going and the expertise of the group. We did pass an area going up a big hill one day where 4 Japanese climbers died a year or so ago when an avalanche pushed them into a crevasse. Their bodies were never recovered. Seth and the tean new exactly what the were doing an although I skied right over a crevasse or two and could look right down into the large hole I really never got too freaked out.
I saw a few avalanches and I must say that they were pretty dramatic. They were very loud and sounded like thunder rumbling. Fascinating.
See you soon,
Mr. Will