Hi Mr. Will, Its really warm and sunny here, but last night we had a really bad rain storm. I was wondering, if you actually made it further than the goal? We all miss you, except for your lab reports...hahaha. Also you're going to miss Nobleboro Nonsense, maybe we'll put some tickets in a basket for you. Anyway Mrs. McLeod gave us popsicles after the MEA's (yummy). Again we miss you can't wait for outing club, see you on the 28th.


Ken Williams

Hey Thomas,According to Seth I was able to exceed his goal for me gaining elevation. He needed to get me and the team to 11,000 for a few days, which we did. We then took another day and headed up higher. Most of the group headed to 14,000 with Seth and I stopping at 13,400. There is a great video of where we stopped. We did a panorama video and narrated about where we were. See if you can find it on the website.
See you soon,
Mr. Will

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