Hello my name is nick. I was wondering about how many spiders would you collect a day?

Nell Kemp

Hi Nick, We don't collect spiders every day, and the amount we do collect depends on a variety of factors. For instance, spiders are typically more active on sunny days, so today we only collected about 20 living spiders. We set some pitfall traps in our spider plots today however, so when we go back in a few days and pick those up, we should get a lot of spiders (although they will be dead). Early in the season we collect more males, but now we are generally only getting females with egg sacs (the males typically die early in the season after they have mated). Hope that this answers your question!

Alan Seegert (not verified)

Hi Nell: Do you have a link for a list of the species you're working with. Interested in Lycosids and other spiders as well. Thanks, Alan.

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