What happens in the webinars? What does Anne Marie Wotkyns talk about during these webinars?

Anne Marie Wotkyns

Hi Tyler - Sorry you missed the webinar this morning! Sea Ice team leader Blake and I talked live about the expedition, the animals we have seen, and the various science research projects being conducted on board the Oden, while a powerpoint presentation I made with photos from the expedition was played. At the end, some students were able to ask us questions, which we answered live.We also did a webinar on Jan. 6 in which we discussed our Sea Ice Team's research, as well as shipboard life.
Keep watching the PolarTREC website because in a week or so the webinars should be archived and you can listen to them and see the power-print presentation I made for each webinar.
Keep reading the journals too! I'm working on a new one right now!

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