Did it feel weird to just have a whole day disappear like it did when you had the massive time change?

Anne Marie Wotkyns

Hi Jacob - it was quite strange to "lose" a day, but we had been working very hard for several days leading up to the time change, and we purposely stayed up very late on New Year's Eve so we could sleep through the odd hours of the change. I did have to write out a calendar for myself, and in my notes and journal writing I made an extra effort to write the day of the week and the date to keep myself clear about that. Here on the ship it's a little easy to lose track of the days because there are no newspapers, television, or internet to remind you of the days.Except we always know Thursday because we have pea soup and pancakes for dinner!
And when I fly home, I'll actually gain the day back! Cool, huh?

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