Hi Anne Marie, Loved the xmas pictures of the ships party. Hope you had a great New Years party as well Must have been a bit strange to ring in the new year with sunshine. Hope your expedition is continuing to be to be all or more than you expected. Have a Happy Birthday. Where is the ship now?

Anne Marie Wotkyns

Yes - we had a great New Year's celebration - a gourmet dinner, music and dancing, and then the ringing in the new year from the Oden's bridge. It was definitely an unforgettable night. And it was the first time I've ever welcomed the New Year in complete daylight!
Then we had a big time change - at 8:00 am on Jan. 1, the ship's time moved ahead 16 hours to become midnight Jan. 2. So we ate breakfast on Jan. 1, went back to bed, and then got up again to eat breakfast on Jan. 2! So now it getting very close to my birthday, very quickly!
The Oden is still in the Amundsen Sea, our coordinates are 72*06.50" S and 132*43.08" W
In one of my earlier journals, there is a link to a website shiptracker.com where you can track the ship's travels.
Thanks for following along!

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