Hi Lollie,

I guess you know that you've been the topic of many discussions since your departure.  The students at Redd School miss you, but we are so proud of you and your adventures.  Your journal has been a great source of information and our way of keeping up with you.  A small quiz has been given regarding what we read in your journal and the questions and answers in the "Ask the Team" section.  Guess what! Everyone did fabulously well.  It just tells you that good teachers can teach from ANYWHERE!!!!  Well, my friend - be safe and know that you may be rocking and rolling in seas far away, but you are in the heart and on the minds of everyone at Redd School.  Let this serve as a big Zippity Doo Dah to you!

With respect,


Lollie Garay

Hello to all my students and colleagues! It is great hearing from you! and I am especially glad to hear that you are learnng new things from my adventures. Things will be getting more exciting now that we are getting close to the ice and are beginning to do some science :) Don't forget to check the other Antarctic expeditions that are going on. Since I do not have internet, I don't know what's going on ! I hope to talk to you soon- just waiting until we finally reach the ice! By the way, I saw the first penguins yesterday!! Chin Strap penguins whizzed by the side of the ship- boy can they travel!!Stay tuned, Lollie

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Lollie, I don't know if you will remember me, but I sure remember you. My name is Alexandria T Miller, Mr. Buel used to say my name really loud Aleeex Millleeeeeer!! I was the girl with the iguana and there was a kid in the same class named Alec and he had a chameleon? Anyways I have been thinking about redd school for a while and was hoping to visit soon when I was wondering if you were even there. Seeing as you are not though I would like to let you know that you have inspired me in science and are in so many ways. I will be starting college in a few short months and am so curious to learn any and every kind of sciences there are. Thank you for being the greatest science teacher I have ever had. I hope you have a great and safe time in Antarctica keep us posted! P.S I miss all my teachers from redd school.
Sincerly Alexandria Taylor Miller :))

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