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Hi this is India Roehrich-Hill
Hi I'm from St. Marks school in Florida. I have a question, How many bones have you found and where is the most common area? Please send me the answer at indiaroehrrichhill@yahoo.com Thank you!
Thanks for the question

Well, thinking back on what we were doing, we found lots of bones up at the Nuvuk site in 2008. I didn't work on that many of the human burials. From what I remember, most of the human sites were intact and had all the remains or bones. We did not confirm that in the field, so I don't know for certain.

We found lots of other bones too. The largest bones were whale bones, the most common were probably seal bones, and the smallest was lemming femur. There are pictures of a bunch of different animal bones.

Do you ever find any bones in Florida? Maybe fish bones down by the ocean? Hope you keep learning lots down at St. Marks. Hi to Mrs. Eubanks too!

Happy Summer,
Frank Kelley
Nuvuk Archaeology Project '08