Wats up mrs k. hows antarctica. see any penguins? thomas wants to know who dr stacy kim is? 2nd hour is ok. Kiah says Mrs C is crazy and we need a new teacher. what r u studying again? nobody remembers. we kno it has to do with biology but thts it.

                                                                                                              your 2nd hour students 

Lindsay Knippenberg

Hey Guys!!!!
I miss you all. I think my team my be getting sick of hearing stories about my students and it has only been a couple of weeks. Tell Kiah that Mrs.C is an awesome teaher and that all of you are lucky to have her as a sub. As for your questions, here are some answers:
Any Penguins?: None yet, although a person on my team saw a dead one far up the glacier last week. 
Who is Dr.Stacy Kim?: Dr.Kim is another researcher down here that is working on a different project than mine. She is using a robot with a video camera to look at what lives under the ice. It is pretty cool stuff. 
What am I studying?: My team is making a tunnel into the Taylor Glacier to collect ice from the base of the glacier. After we collect the ice, we are going to analyze the gases and microorganisms in the the ice. We hope to see that the microorganisms are all alive and functioning while living in the ice. We can also use what we are studying to help understand if life can exist in ice on other planets. Also pretty cool stuff. 
Thanks for checking in and keep on sending me questions,
Mrs. Knippenberg

Guest (not verified)

Hey! Ur English teacher wants u 2 use real words and punctuation in your posts! :-)
You Know Who

Michele Cross

Dear You Know Who,
 It warms my heart to see that I'm not the only one fighting the text slang battle! LOL!!!!
Michele Cross
Antarctic Undersea ROV 09

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