Hi Clare,

Maybe Juan can send you this note. Great journal! It was refreshing to hear that advice from the media specialist, Zac. We hope you really are immersed in the experience. Its been great to read the journals of the team preparing and I cannot wait to hear more! Hope you are well and getting excited!

Claire Hacker

Hi Sarah,
I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading our journals! This is getting so exciting; I can't believe we're leaving in three weeks. Thanks for the good wishes and for everything you're doing to coordinate this!

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Claire,My name is Celest Horton and I have a weekly Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio called How to Pay for College HQ, where the goal is to teach families how to plan to pay for college without LOANS.
Congratulations on becoming a National Merit Finalist!! I was curious if you would be interested in a 30 minute interview via Skype or phone to be on the Podcast. I have spoken a few times about the financial benefit of becoming a Finalist and I would love to tell your story on air.
Would you be interested? You can reach me at celest@howtopayforcollegehq.com
If you want to check out the podcast you can find it at http://www.howtopayforcollegehq.com/itunes or http://www.howtopayforcollegehq.com/stitcher
Congratulations again on your amazing accomplishments!

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