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Hi Amber - I was wondering, what data are the scientists collecting about the benthic organisms from the megacore? When I was on the Oden in Antarctica, we had some teams looking at persistent organic pollutants in the food chains, and also the possible effects of ocean acidification on the shells of mollucks and some echinoderms. Also, say Hi to Jeremy for me!! He was on the Oden!! Keep having fun and posting great journals!

Anne Marie Wotkyns

Sorry - forgot to Log In before I posted that question! Also wanted to add that the Drygalski Glacier was truly amazing to see from the air! We flew over it as we were leaving McMurdo - I think I posted a pic on my journal. Keep enjoying your amazing experience!

Amber Lancaster

They are looking at the diversity of organisms as well as taking C-13 &N-15 measurements of the different specimens. This gives them an idea of
what the organisms have been eating. They'll compare these measurements
from the different sites to get an idea of how ice shelf collapse has
affected the types of organisms and what they eat.
I'm excited to check out your picture. Once I'm back on land and have a
quality internet connection again, I'll be certain to check it out.

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