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Hola Ms. Lancaster! How have you been? How's Antarctica? Did you ride any whales yet? What's the food like? Is it like the food astronauts eat? How's the weather? Nothing has really happened here.. Kinda boring, really... Anyways... Yeah, see you in a few more weeks! :D Can you bring back a snowball or a penguin feather for me? That'd be AWESOME.

Amber Lancaster

I've been good. How have you been? Antarctica is really cold, butamazingly beautiful. I feel so lucky to be here. No whale riding, but
a minke whale did show up RIGHT NEXT TO OUR BOAT yesterday. We were in
the middle of ice, and there was a bit of water right next to us, and it
popped it's head up. I have a photo, but it's kind of hard to see it
clearly. It was crazy!
The food is delicious (not like what astronauts at all). I'm going to
do a journal about life on the boat soon and you can see what we get to
eat. For lunch today I had pumpkin soup, salad and even some fresh
fruit. Yum!
The weather is cold, like I said. It's sunny right now, but -9C (15 F).
No snowballs or penguin feathers, but I will bring LOTS of amazing
pictures. Yesterday there were like 14 Emperor Penguins RIGHT OFF THE
STERN (the back) OF THE BOAT. Awesome!


HOLY BALLS. THAT IS SO COOL. I've been telling everyone that my teacher is partying with whales and penguins :DIt's so cool how all these amazing creatures pass by right under you everyday! Don't get pneumonia! D:
I should've knitted you mittens or a beanie :(
Okay, JR is making us leave now, have a great time! See you in a few weeks!

Amber Lancaster

Partying might be an exaggeration, but we've definitely seen a few.It's always surprising to see the incredible wildlife down here.
No pneumonia yet. Fortunately it's pretty warm inside the boat.
However, as soon as I step outside, my nose starts running. There's a
lot of snot jokes all the time. You just have to wipe it on some
article of clothing whenever it's too much.
It would've been fun to have mittens or a beanie, but I'm still staying
See you in 3 weeks! :) Miss you guys!

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