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alexis: hi ms lam lam! kavina: how is antarctica? you seem like you're having a great time. do you miss us at all?! i'm kidding of course, i already know you miss me :) jaleesa: hi! i like peguins and i was going to ask you to take pictures of penguins, but kavina just told me that you already did, and i will look at them as soon as we finish writing this. have fun in antarctica and don't get frostbite please. jessica: and don't freeze to death!

kavina: we all miss you and look forward to your return!

love, kavina, alexis, jaleesa, and kavina

Amber Lancaster

This message made me so happy!Alexis - Hi Old Advisee!
Kavina - Antarctica is cold. But I am having a great time. Of course I
miss you? And I'm so behind on Glee - no new TV episodes on the boat. :)
Jaleesa - Yep! I posted pictures of Magellenic penguins. But guess
what? I saw like 15 Emperor penguins yesterday!!! They were so close.
I have video of them swimming all over the place. They are super
duper fast once they get in the water.
Jessica - Don't worry. It's cold, but I'm not trying to freeze. Have
you seen how many layers I have to wear?
Miss and love you all!

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