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Hi Ms.Lancaster!!!! How are you? I hope you are having a great time although you are bearly arriving. I saw the picures of the penguins and they are cute!! But anyways, how was your reaction when you got there? Were you nervous? Is Antarctica colder then Alaska or they the same? But hope you enjoy the rest of your time and have a great time... Put up more pictures!! K Take care and have fun! Bye, Jessica

Amber Lancaster

Yay! Penguins are super cute. I was just so excited to see penguins.We haven't been able to spot any from the boat yet. Hopefully we will
soon. I did get to see some dolphins yesterday. So far I've seen 6
dolphins and 2 seals in the water.
The Antarctic is actually a little bit warmer than Alaska right now. We
we are at, it's about 5 degrees C (about 40 degrees F) and Alaska was
colder when I was there. I'm sure it'll get colder when we get into the
ice. Remember, it's fall down here, while it is the spring up in Alaska.
Don't worry - I'll be putting up more photos soon!


Hi Ms.LAncaster! I saw teh videos of the penguins they are cute same with the dolphins... Well I hope you are having fun and getting used to it! take care

Amber Lancaster

I am having a blast and am learning so much. I got to see a leopardseal the other day! Hopefully, I'll be able to send you all a video of
it soon. Miss you.

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