Submitted by Lisa Seff on Thu, 04/19/2012 - 21:46

Hi Amber! Wow, can't believe you're heading into port already! As we're getting ready to head into our mineral unit the kids were trying to get their head around the stability of the mineral Ikaite that the scientists found during their sampling. They wanted to know if the minerals stability was based on the cold or the anaerobic environment....or both? (and I was wondering how big were the waves on the last leg of your trip?) We've loved following your amazing journey. Great job! -Lisa

Amber Lancaster

Hey Lisa,As far as I know, it's because of the pressure and temperature. The
waves were quite large on the way back. They were splashing over the
bow of the boat. I'd guess about 8-10 feet. I have some video of the
waves that I'll try to post once I have real internet access again
(which should be soon)! Thanks for following along!

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