Hello to all! Looks like you are off to a great start. It is very interesting to hear about all of the different observations and measurements being made by the students. I'm wondering how the reality of being there matches up with what the students expectations of the Arctic had been. Thanks for your journals. John

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi John,
This is Jeannie (USA), Emil (Denmark), and Vince (USA). We are all students here on the trip. One of the big surprises we've had about the arctic is how warm it has been in Kangerlussuaq since we've been here. We've had a number of sunny days where we've been able to go out in shorts and a t-shirt. It was definitely a surprise after we packed a lot of cold weather gear. We're hoping we'll have the chance to get some use out of our cold weather stuff when we go up onto the ice sheet, however. Another surprise has been how easy it has been for us Americans to talk to the Danish and Greenlandic students. It is amazing how good at English they are considering it is either their second or third language. It has made us Americans feel somewhat inept since we can really only speak English. It has been fun for us to try and learn some Danish and Greenlandic, though. Overall, it has been a great experience.
-Jeannie, Vince, & Emil

John Wood

Thanks for the response. It is very nice to hear from you students about the experience. I may have missed some information, but how has Laura organized you all into working groups? Does that change for the different tasks you are completing? Also, how do you view the issue of climate change? Have you discussed this with the science and local folks you've met so far? Hello to Laura!!Thanks for your time and be safe,

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