Period 2: Temperature and Air Pressure Experiment

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Period 2: Temperature and Air Pressure Experiment

Earth Science Period 2: Student Developed Experiment: “How Does Temperature Affect Air Pressure” using a FOOTBALL! See the attached .pdf at the bottom of this message for: • Experiment Overview • Diagrams, Pictures and Charts • Press Release This thread will be used for our class to communicate about our experiment. This will also be the location where you can follow the results as Mr. Beals performs the experiment this summer in Greenland. Stay Warm! Mr. Beals

Earth Science Period 2


Period 2: I hope you all

Period 2:

I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacation!!!

I (finally) got your experiment completed as you have instructed me to do with one variation. I forgot the footballs in Billings, so, I found two nearly identical soccer balls to use for the experiment. Soccer is pretty popular up here as this is a very international crowd!

I filled the balls to a 12 psi (as recommended by the “football” commission) and placed one inside the Satellite camp where we do most of our science work and one outside in the snow.

I attacked a graph to show the results (.pdf format) in the post directly above this one. It is called: Ball Pressure RESULTS GRAPH.pdf

Before you look, what do you think the results will be?

Note: I filled the balls indoors where the air temperature is about 65 F. The average temperature over the last 24 hours outside has been 4 F (without the wind).

After you’ve seen the results, see if you can come up with an explanation for the experiment outcome.

Stay Warm!!


Student Developed Experiment: "Air Pressure and Temperature"


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Period 2: I hope you all

I could not get the graph to come up.  It was not blue so was it not linked?

Period 2: I hope you all

Sorry for the confusion.


The graph is located just under the class picture in the "attachments" part of the first post.  I couldn't post an attachment to my reply (the program won't all me to do it), so I had to put it up there.


Let me know if you are still having trouble.