I see no mention of it? Guess you were out and about during this great tradition. Wonderful journal! I was there for 4 months during the summer season 94/95 while working for UNAVCO. It is amazing how special it is and how lucky a person is to get to go there. Your writing caused lots of reminiscing on my part. Sounds like things are going well for you-glad to hear an East H.S. and U.W. grad success story! Seems like summer field camp was so long ago! Rawlins???

Cheers Brett Baker

Wyorox at gmail.com

Anonymous (not verified)

Brett, How wonderful to hear from you!!Unfortunately, I wasn't around during the polar plunge. You can bet that if I had been, I would have participated! When you were there, were you in the field or based in McMurdo? Amazing how I've ended up in your old stomping grounds.

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