Hi Andrea- most excellent to see another PolarTREC teacher heading to a Healy Cruise!! I'm really looking forward to your journals, as I have much to learn about marine biology and can't get enough of updates from my 2010 summer home away from home.

Let me know if you have any questions about living aboard the Healy or if there is anything else I can do to support your success!

Congrats on your selection to PolarTREC, and Best- Bill Schmoker 2010 PT Teacher

Andrea Skloss

Bill,How did you handle all the noise on the ship for the first couple of days? Is there any clothing not provided that you think will be beneficial for me to bring along? I am sure as the time nears, I will have more questions. I am learning sooooo much at orientation.
Until next time....

Bill Schmoker

Hi again Andrea- Interestingly, the noise didn't bother me too much, maybe I was just good and tired each night! I did bring ear plugs- my roommate had the midnight to 8 shift so when he was getting ready sometimes I'd pop the earplugs in. The noise I remember was kind of steady white noise so not too hard to sleep in. The first time we started bonking into ice it woke me up, not just from the noise but from the excitement of it!The Healy was pretty comfortable- inside just wearing jeans and a hoodie was usually great. For work outside I usually put on one of the coast guard Mustang Suits (warm, waterproof, and floaty) or a Mustang jacket- they have them in a big closet-like room on the port side of the main science lab. I'd say to bring a thin balaclava in case it is nasty, one that will fit well under a hard hat (they will have these if you are out on deck while cranes and such are working.) Waterproof work gloves came in real handy for me, I'd check with your researcher if you need to bring your own.
You can buy a Healy hoodie and other stuff like t-shirts and even coffee drinks at the ship store!
Do you know yet where you'll be embarking from?
Best- Bill Schmoker

Andrea Skloss

Bill,Thanks for the information! I will check into getting a balaclava and some waterproof gloves. According to Janet, I am leaving from Barrel. I will be checking with Ken Dunton, my researcher.
Until next time....

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