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Fish prints

Hi Paula.

I'm very glad to hear that you are home and now swamped with everything! Welcome back!! Your journal about the fish prints is great! I made some of those before on t-shirts and love them. Very cool that you get to have a shirt with Antarctica fish! Truly unique!

Looking forward to catching up with you and hearing how the return home went. Seems that we lost you and the team for a bit as you worked your way home :)


Fish Prints

Hey Janet,
Yes, those fish prints are great. I have already spoken with a couple art teachers at school to do this with them next Fall with our students. We had a few days with no internet. I'll give you a call later in the week.

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I practice gyotaku on fresh water brown & rainbow trout in Tasmania the island state of Australia. My question is:- What paint was used for your T-shirts as I was thinking of printing up some T-shirts for my grandchildren. A basic explanation of what you need to do after the print is made to ensure it will not wash off etc. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please email direct:
Paul A.C. Richards