HI Paula, I'm wondering if you made it home or were delayed by the volcano in Chile. I have absolutely loved all of you pictures and journals! You should have some students at school help you design a calendar for next year and sell it as a fundraiser! I'll buy one. Welcome Home (when you make it) Betsy

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Hi Betsy, Nice to hear from you. I'm really glad you enjoyed the journals and pictures. That's a great idea about calendars. I was going to make some for gifts from my pictures. Let me know what you like. We didn't get delayed by the volcano but we did get treated to a view of it. As we were flying from Punta Arenas to Santiago we could see the volcano and a very thick plume of smoke above it. Very impressive. My Antarctic trip was absolutely amazing. I hope we all have a reunion to swap more stories. Thanks for following along! That means a lot.Paula

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