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Hi my name is Jon'Carlos Duford and I'm from Saint Mark Catholic School, and I was wondering what is the most exciting thing you did during your trip?

Kevin McMahon

Hi Jon' Carlos, we did a lot of exciting and adventurous things, such as:building an igloo and sleeping in it;
riding snowmobiles a few miles outside camp to repair some flags; and
enjoying a Greenlandic meal that included raw narwhal, blue whale skin, reindeer meat and musk ox meat!
But, I think what I will remember the most about our trip was our daily snow sampling. It was very peaceful walking a mile outside of camp and realizing that the snow was about 2 miles deep and that this ice sheet stretched out for hundreds of miles in either direction. Summit Station is truly a magical place.

Anonymous (not verified)

Wow those things sound amazing and really cool I hope one day I'll get to try something like that and thanks for answering my question and have a great time on your trip.

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