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i am a current student (jamarcus primrose) out of mr. mcmahon class, and i was wondering when you are traveling to greenland will you be able to do videos and be able to talk through the wimba class setting that is setup online. or do i have to wait until you are actually setup in a mounted location? also i am happy a that i will be able to participate an follow you throughout your journey!!!

Kevin McMahon

Hi Jamarcus. It is great to hear from you. I will definitely be taking videos and will post them in journals so everyone can watch them. Videos about my traveling to Greenland won't be posted until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week since we won't arrive on the ice sheet until Tuesday.There is the chance that we will have a PolarConnect event from the field. This would allow you and others to talk with Brandon and me while we are on the Greenland ice sheet. If this happens, it will happen sometime after July 10. You would need access to a computer and we will post specific instructions on how to sign up for the event. To get a general idea about PolarConnect, you can go to this webpage:
Once a date is set, I announce it in one of my journal entries and let you know how to register.
But, right now, the best way to follow along is to read my journals and post questions.
I am glad you are following our expedition!

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