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i am a student at st.Mark catholic school .why did u like the greenland flag? and not U.S are u from their? please reply thanks

Kevin McMahon

Thank you for your question. Yes, I am from the United States. I live in Decatur, Georgia which is very close to Atlanta.I really like the Greenland flag because of the symbolism. It is not just a red and white flag with a circle. The circle represents the sun and the white represents the ice sheet. When I think of Greenland, the bright sun and the beautiful ice sheet are what I think of. So, that is why I like the design of the flag so much. I also like the symbolism of the United States flag. I bet you already know what the 50 stars represent. Do you know what the 13 stripes represent?
I wish I knew more about the flag of Denmark. I am sure the design has some symbolic meaning too. Are you from Florida? I am sure that the State Flag of Florida also has some symbolic meaning. Maybe you could let me know what the Florida flag looks like and the meaning behind it. Thanks.

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