We saw all the slides, 40 kids came back from elective!!

The volume on the phone was pretty low so we really had to listen carefully.  I could not find a plug for my speakers on the phone.

The intercom button did not work as on a normal phone but after the Healy we figured it was another button called monitor that actually let us toggle back and forth between intercom and talking through the receiver!  Yah, so we are ready for the next one:)

 They are really into what you are doing and want to talk with you next time.  Do you think that will be possible?


Emily Davenport

Yes!  We will hopefully be able to chat more at the next one, however it won't showcase our group- The one after next Thursday will be more about what our group is doing (us benthic people).  Hopefully at the next one and the one after our phone system will be working better as well- we had lots of trouble this time- next time it will hopefully go smoother...I'm excited you guys at least attempted to join in...I'll definitely be at the next one and ready to chat with you all!!  Then I come home and you can bombard me with questions!! :)

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What day will you be back in the classroom?

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