Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 04/04/2007 - 12:44

What will you do on board when you are not collecting samples? Will you be able to get off the ship? 

Jamie J

Emily Davenport

Well, from what I've read and heard so far, it sounds like we will be on the ship the entire time- perhaps stopping once, but I think it's on the water or on the ice the entire time.  If we are in thick enough ice, we may be able to get out on the ice...which would be super cool!  If that happens, pictures will soon follow!While we're on the ship, and not working, we can watch movies in the movie lounge area, and they also show a movie on the big screen in the helicopter hanger every Saturday night!  Plus there is a weight/workout room and a punching bag to work out on...and basketball hoop in the helicopter hanger.  So I'm thinking we'll have some things to keep us busy while we're not working- plus I'm bringing a few books and my computer (along with some DVD's) so I should be set in the entertainment area!!