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We were happy to hear you found some diatoms to study!

We are eager to hear what you learn from the samples.

 Hypothesis about the cups:

Carina: I think that the ink won't do anything because it is on foam.  Nothing will happen to the cups because styrofoam has no holes in it so water will not pass through.

 Malia:  I think the cups will disintigrate and get mushy because of the water pressure.

William:  I think the cups will shrivel because of the water pressure pushing on all sides.

Christian:  I think the cups will fall apart near the bottom of the ocean because they had more pressure put on them.

Laura:  When the cups hit the bottom they would crush because of the water pressure. They would all be one color because the ink would have been pressurized too.

Christian P: I think the cups will be smoothed and smooshed because of all the pressure the water is putting down on it.

 Robert: I think that the cups will impload due to the massive pressure forcing them to push themselves together.

Branden:  I suspect that the cup will crumble and turn to mush because of the pressure.

Trey:  I think that the cup will crack under pressure because of the air being trapped inside.

Brittney:  I think the cups will crack and fall apart because when pressure is against something it breaks, like a popcan when you squish it.

Emily Davenport

Hi everyone! 
Diatoms seem to be everywhere in our samples lately, as the spring bloom is occurring, they are growing like mad!!  
It was good to hear you all at the live IPY event again today...and thank you for more excellent cup hypotheses...check my journal in the next day or so to see pictures of what happened to them!!
See you in a few days!!

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