hi emily its malia from class and i was just wondering how u r doing on your first couple days there? i hope that u will have losts of fun and i hope to get lots of pictures from u! alaska is a place i have always wanted to go!!!

                luv your #1 student!!!!!! lol!!! (laugh out loud)!!



Emily Davenport

Hey Malia!  I definitely miss everyone and I haven't even left yet!!  I'll be in Alaska on Monday, April 9th, which gives me the weekend to spend Easter with part of my family and enjoy the beautiful spring weather we've been having in Bellingham!  I will definitely keep you (and everyone else!) posted on what's going on and try and include lots and lots of pictures...I'll try and do a slideshow of some sort when I get back for you guys!  I've never been to Alaska, so I am very excited about going- where in Alaska would you like to visit?  We are going to see Anchorage and Dutch Harbor (Unalaska).  I have relatives in Anchorage, though I have never been to visit.  Maybe there will be time for a quick hello while we're there? We'll see how the weather is once we're there!Thanks for saying hello and keep the questions/comments coming...It'll make my time on the boat go quick and remind me of everyone at home waiting for me to come back!!

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