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Wow i bet its really cold out there!!!! well just reply to me if anything interesting comes up. ok bye emily... have a good time on ur trip!!!!!!!!Smile     -Kilee Anker

Emily Davenport

Hi Kilee!!   
It is pretty cold here, but you adapt pretty quickly- just this morning I was working outside in a t-shirt!!  Although I did have half of my mustang suit I suppose that was keeping me warm.  When you start working and moving around a lot, you get pretty warm, although the mustang suits keep us nice and toasty, you can't even feel the wind.  
We just sampled at a SUPER deep station this morning- it was 3500 meters deep, which means that it was over 10,000 feet (about 2 miles) down to the bottom!!!  Wow.  That was our deepest station yet.  Check out my journal in a day or so, I will definitely write more about that :)
Thanks for thinking of me, I'm having lots of fun, everyone on the ship is super nice...I can't believe we're coming home soon (although I'm excited to be back on land and come home to Bellingham!).  Hope everything is going well for you up there!!  Can't wait to show you guys all my pictures!!

Kilee (not verified)

so when are u coming home??? We all miss you. So did u get to talk to the 2'd period class on that webcast thingy? Because our class couldn't do it so we must have missed out. Well it will be exciting when you come home! Can't wait... ok bye.     - Kilee

Emily Davenport

Hey Kilee!!I'm sorry I missed you on the IPY event, unfortunately only 2nd period could participate in the ones that were scheduled- bummer!!!  Let me tell you, the connection was not that great...however the events are archived on this website and if you're interested in hearing what was talked about on the phone call I can show you how to listen to it!  By the time you read this you will probably have seen me already, but I am coming back tomorrow (May 15th)!!  I'm excited to see you all and tell you about my adventures!!

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