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Are you seasick?

 We enjoyed our spring break, the weather was decent.  What is the weather like?  Temp?

Is there tv?

Can you see Russia yet?


Are you bored or do they keep you busy?


They want to know if you miss us?  We miss you!


Have you bought an espresso yet?


Christian R, William, Ricky, Sat, Cody, Jesse, Landon, Michael S, Thomas, Kaitlyn, Brittney, Lindy, Malia, Arielle, Laura, Alex, and Hunter!! 

Emily Davenport

Good to hear from you guys!!!  I miss you all, of course!!  If you check out my journal- it got updated with pictures.  We've been having some email problems here on the ship, so my journal hasn't been updated until today.  Check it out again!
I have not been seasick, phew!  I've been wearing my seasickness patch however, which has helped.  The ship doesn't do a lot of rolling back and forth, which makes me sick, so I think I'm safe.  We've reached the ice (As of 4/14/07) and the ice is so thick that the ship sounds like a freight train cruising through it.  The whole ship shimmies and shakes, but nothing unbearable. 
The weather at the start of the cruise was GORGEOUS!  Check out my pictures.  Smooth seas, blue skies, and "warm" temps (high 30's to mid 40's).  This quickly changed once we got close to the ice- we started seeing snow and wind- and now the temps are probably around 15 degrees, but with the wind chill they're more like -10 degrees.  Brr!!  I'm glad we have our mustang suits- I'll have to post a picture of those.  I bet if you looked in Ms. Staup's or Ms. Prevena's photos you would see one- they are bright orange and slightly puffy.  We have to wear those and a hard hat when we're on the deck working. 
 There is a TV but only really for movies- and I haven't had ANY time to watch anything really- except for on Saturday (4/14) we watched Casino Royale on the big screen in the helicopter hangar!!  :)  We even got popcorn and soda!  We also watched a quick film about walrus last night (4/15)...because now that we're in the ice, we're heading into walrus country.  The walrus can be in herds as large as 10,000 animals!!  You can bet I'll have my camera out for that!!
I've been super busy around here- and our stations come at odd hours- sometimes early morning, sometimes mid afternoon and sometimes late at night- so you have to be awake for those whenever they come.  I can definitely say I'm sleep deprived- if I get more than 3 hours of sleep at night then I'm doing well!
No espresso yet- but I did buy a travel mug, and will probably get a latte in it one of these days- I haven't had any coffee this trip yet- but I have a feeling I'll want some if I continue to not sleep much!
I'll try and have more journal entries/pictures for you all to see- keep checking, and of course read the other teacher's journals as well and look at their pictures- I think they have a lot more up than I do! 

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