what are the most dangerous animals up there ,that you have seen? francisco hope to see you next year!

Jose Luciani

Well I haven't seen any dangerous animals yet but there are polar bears, artic foxes, and wolves. I have seen predators but they aren't dangerous to humans.

Jose I. Luciani (not verified)

I saw the pictures of the dead Artic Fox which was kind of sad. 
What do you think killed him ?

Jose I. Luciani (not verified)

After reading Mrs Eubanks's last two journal entries, I think I understand why there are so many dead Artic Foxes.
The foothold traps seem to be doing the job.
What have you found out about this program and do they know the effects on fox population and other animals.
Kudos to both of you for helping to rescue such a majestic owl.  You do make a difference not only in the research that you are doing and learning what impact this has on the Earth,  but also in the way you steward the surroundings where you work.
Keep us updated on how the owl is doing and about this Artic Fox program.

Jose Luciani

The program is to catch foxes that pose threats to steller's eider populations. I don't know the effects besides those that die, but I haven't seen any foxes around. Maybe they killed them all. The thing is when you kill foxes, their prey increase in numbers without any population depletion due to predation. Thus, all prey species that are affected by the fox increase in population size. And the poor fox has to suffer because one of his prey (Steller's Eider) items is endangered due to the hands of humans. As well as other animals who get caught in fox traps.

Guest (not verified)

If there are so many arctic foxes dying, are they likely to become an endangered species soon?
Or are they already an endangered species?
If so,shouldnt it become illegal to put traps out?

Missy (not verified)

If there are so many arctic foxes dying are they likely to become an endangered species anytime soon?
Unless they already are an endangered species,if so shouldnt it become illegal to set traps for them?

Elizabeth Eubanks

Hi Missy,
No they are not endangered. And there are plenty of them. Still not a great excuse to "waste" them! But trapping them during the summer was mainly to preserve an endangered Eider. However, it did get a little out of hand and so Alaska Fish and Wildlife curbed the trapping!
Thanks for your interest!
Mrs. Eubanks

Anonymous (not verified)


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