Life at McMurdo Station

    Wow! It's hard to believe my time in McMurdo is coming to an end. From the moment I stepped off the plane it's been like a foot race - hurrying here, hurrying there, and trying to get everything done! In fact, it's been so busy, I've missed the 'Welcome to McMurdo' orientation tour -- not once, but twice!

    So, what have I been doing - you ask? Great question! Join me as I share a bit of my McMurdo experience!

    During my first month here, I've spent the majority of my time (on station) in three places:

    • My Dorm
    • The Galley
    • Crary Lab

    McMurdo Station
    A little taste of McMurdo Station. Home sweet home!

    Here's a little taste of each:

    Dorm Life

    It's been quite a while since I've spent any time in a dorm (college days to be exact) but my transition back to dorm living went smoothly. There are over 12 dorms at McMurdo; mine was dorm #203C, room 107.

    Room #107
    In front of my dorm room - #107.

    I had two roommates:

    • Kim Goetz whom you've met in previous journals. She's the PhD student from UCSC.
    • Amy - who was my roommate for only a few weeks.

    Roommates - Alex and Kim

    Talk about tight quarters - not much room here! There were three twin beds (with one set of bunk beds) and guess who got the top bunk? Yep! Yours truly! Of course I didn't mind though because hot air rises and being next to the ceiling I was 'toasty' warm at night.

    Dorm room
    My dorm room and 'toasty' warm bunk - before it was made.


    All of our meals were eaten in the galley - building 155. It is centrally located and very easy to spot. It's the big blue building!

    If you go hungry at McMurdo - it's your own fault... because there is NO lack of food at the station. In fact, it seemed that every time I turned around it was time to eat - and what I found myself eating most of was baked goods. So I went in search of who was behind all of this 'yummyness'.

    Ari and Heather were the culprits!

    Heather making a cake
    Heather making a scrumptious chocolate cake with vanilla frosting - with cookie crumbs on the side. Doesn't that look delicious!

    Ari and Brian
    Ari stands next to the rack of cornbread she has just made. Next to her is Brian - who was from Memphis! Yea Memphis!

    Crary Science and Engineering Center - or just Crary Lab

    The laboratory is named in honor of geophysicist and glaciologist Albert P. Crary (1911-1987), the first person to set foot on both the North and South Poles. It has five pods and houses a state-of-the-art research facility. The largest section - Biology - is where the Weddell seal team has called home for the past 6 weeks.

    Crary Lab
    Crary Lab

    I've come a long way from my basement office at the Pink Palace - where I have no window! Here I have a spectacular view – I must enjoy it while I have it!

    My office window!
    My office window! I need to frame this picture and put it in my office back home!

    My desk
    Not unlike my desk at home - a bit messy. However, Patrick was packing to go home when he took that picture - so his wasn't always that clean.