Postcards are off!

The postcards were mailed on January 17 (McMurdo Station, Antarctica time), which would be January 16 in the States. I was thrilled to receive so many postcards from all over the world. So I thought I'd share some 'Postcard Statistics'.

The Statistics

  • At least one postcards was sent to all 50 States - plus the District of Columbia.
  • One was even sent to President Obama.
  • There were about 2,400 postcards sent out! AMAZING!
  • Fourteen postcards were sent out of the country or to a US territory. They were sent to:
  1. Mexico
  2. India
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Germany
  5. Serbia
  6. Bosnia
  7. Poland
  8. Australia
  9. New Zealand
  10. Guam

Let's do a little math

If 2,400 were mailed and each stamp cost .29 cents, how much money did we spend on stamps?

When you receive your postcards - let me know!

  • Go to the 'Ask the Team' section of my web page:
  • Click on the New Topic button.
  • Enter the date you received the postcard in the Subject line. For example, if you get your postcard on January 25 - type January 25, 2012 or 1-25-12 in the subject line.
  • Enter your comments in the Body section. Feel free to provide your name and/or school - if appropriate.
  • Click the Send button. (Sometime it will ask for certain verifications).

If for some reason you can't get this to work, you can always e-mail me at aeilers [at] Please remember to include the above information.

Postcard Artwork!

There was some amazing artwork on the postcards so I thought I'd share a few.

Penguin drawing
Amazing penguin drawing!
Hello Antarctica postcard
Hello Antarctica drawing!
Penguin postcard
Penguin postcard - Trying to take flight!
Happy Weddell drawing
A happy Weddell seal drawing.
Another penguin postcard
Another beautiful penguin postcard!

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