Drilling Core Sample @ North Pole
    Kyle Dilliplaine drills an ice core at the North Pole


    In today’s GEOTRACES Cinema installment I have a few videos showing some of the aspects of ice sampling that we conducted on our expedition. The first video shows many of the steps taken to characterize the sea ice at each ice station. It was filmed at the North Pole on 7 September, and I wrote about the process in my 8 September journal:

    Another type of ice that scientists were interested in is called dirty ice. In short, this is ice that formed in shallow, muddy water and later drifted out into the ice pack of the Arctic Ocean. I expanded on the details on the significance of dirty ice in my 10 September post, but here’s a YouTube video of the process that I couldn’t upload from the ship:

    We also left an autonomous ice mass balance buoy behind to remotely monitor ice formation and snow accumulation. This placement was the subject of my 21 September journal:

    That's all for now. Best- Bill

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