12 January 2017 Sampling the South Side of Lake Hoare

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Amazing photos

Hi Josh-

Wonderful photos you are taking!! The Dry Valleys are so photogenic. You are lucky to see so many different parts of them with your team and experiment! I wonder how many nights you will spend out there, or are you mostly doing day trips?

Have a great time! Lucy

Re: Lucy Coleman commented on 12 January 2017 Sampling the...

On 1/13/17 9:42 AM, PolarTREC wrote:
Hi Lucy,
Most of our trips are day trips, This may be my only overnight trip in
the valleys. Because of weather a one night trip is turning into at
least three nights which is great for me.

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Mummified Animals

How many mummified animals have you found and how long would you estimate they have been there?

Mummified Seals

Hi Brent, I saw 5 or 6 seals. Some of these mummies are hundreds of years old. Very little decomposition happens because it is so cold and dry. There are typically signs of erosion on the bodies.

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