Sailing across the Antarctic Circle for the first time.

I am from the North Country of New York State. I own a canoe. That being said spending 45 days at sea is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have never crossed the equator until this experience. I am happy to say that some new friends and I have earned the distinction of becoming Shellbacks. This honor is bestowed upon those who have crossed the Antarctic Circle by ship. It is a privilege that few have had the opportunity to do so is greatly appreciated.

Crossing the Antarctic Circle from the starboard side
Crossing the Antarctic Circle from the starboard side

The new shellbacks
The new shellbacks

Those that have yet to cross are known as polliwogs. I like the sound of shellbacks better. Legend has it that those who pass into King Neptune's' southernmost realm must do so with great respect. We paid our respects to King Neptune, his family and his Court and were granted the distinction of becoming Shellbacks. I had no knowledge of this legend and the fact that not many can say they are shellbacks. It was great celebrated with a good meal and laughs. Wait until you see tomorrow's pictures from below the 66.6666 parallel, or as I now know the Antarctic Circle.

The Antarctic, at the Totten Glacier edge.
Weather Summary
Cloudy and misty



Congratulations! Considering you live at 45 north, 66 south is a long way!


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